Inspection Tour to Northern Malawi

by gerhard gross

Werner Schellenberg working as Senior Settlement Adviser to the UNHCR in Malawi is responsible for the provision of adequate shelter for refugees coming to that country.

The largest refugee camp is at present at Dzaleka ca. 48 km north of the Capital City of Lilongwe.

About 500 new refugees come to Malawi every month, most of them from the Democratic Republic of Kongo. They reach Malawi at its northern border to Tanzania in Bilima or Lponga.

His inspection tour led Werner Schellenberg to the border post in Bilima where new health facilities are required after Ebola had reached the Democratic Republic of Kongo.

Border Post in Bilima


Another important location on the route of refugees in northern Malawi is the City of Karonga where UNHCR runs a transit center where refugees are registered.

Transit Centre in Karonga


Solid waste disposal is a permanent challenge for all urban areas in Malawi. It is not surprising that also in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp waste is presently not treated in an appropriate manner. Werner Schellenberg therefore visited dump sites near the City of Karonga and the City of Mzuzu to see whether these could be a model for Dzaleka.

Dumpsite near Karonga

Dumpsite at Mzuzu

Rural Electrification is a very recent development in Malawi which opens up new perspectives for local communities located far from urban areas. Werner Schellenberg was eager to learn how this project advances.

Rural Electrification along Katiri Road in Karonga District


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